Would You Work In Raw Sewage For $60 An Hour?

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An ABCratio poll of attitudes on the subject "Would you figure within uncooked sewage for $60 an hour?" become conducted within the duration August 18 2022 - September 1 2022 thru a questionnaire, amongst 5000 human beings from Usa within a representative pattern of the vicinity that we have researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 4.1% at 100% rates. We blanketed numerous questions inside the study to determine the attitudes of the target audience. The statistic has been processed and discovered for overall 14 days.
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September 02, 2022


Would you work in raw sewage for $60 an hour? - Survey

Results of the survey "Would you work in raw sewage for $60 an hour? - Survey"


Stats related to Gender Identity: Female

Our study of attitudes changed into aparted down into smaller segments of information. In the subsequent graph you may see how 2406 people answered our query, assembly the subsequent standards: gender identification: female.

Maximum responders (54,36%.) Chose to reply might you work within raw sewage for $60 an hour - survey with yes. no attracted 39,73 percents of respondents. The least wide variety of interviewees supported the subsequent alternative: outcomes, respectively receiving 5,90 percents of the full score.

Stats related to Gender Identity: Female

Records based totally on Race: Male

To be more specific within the statistical data, we broke down the stats consistent with set standards. The graph underneath suggests the share of individuals who correspond to the following traits: race: male. A total of 2352 people had been isolated in the organization after the records fragmentation.

The first preference of the voters accumulated 57,61% of the full number of votes. Accordingly, they noted sure. no attracted 35,93 percents of interviewees. With 6,46% of the votes, our voters who involved to the study ranked the option outcomes final.

Records based totally on Race: Male