Will Russia Invade Ukraine ?

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We performed a statistic on "Will Russia invade Ukraine ?" in the length August 19 2022 - September 2 2022 among 5000 humans living within Usa. The poll became performed through two weeks via an online study. The maximum statistical error is about same to ± 5.2% at 100% of the sample.
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September 03, 2022


Will Russia invade Ukraine ? - Survey

Results of the survey "Will Russia invade Ukraine ? - Survey"


Facts related to Race: Male

The first desire of the interviewees collected 49,96% of the entire number of votes. Accordingly, they indicated yes. The response price with no is 29,04 percents. You can see from the picture beneath that our responders picked up the response results with as a minimum 21,00 percents of the overall votes because the least probably.

Wesplit our people, grouping them by using race: male. Wereceived 2352 surveys, via which we summarized the records proven within the image under.

Facts related to Race: Male

Statistics primarily based on Gender-Specific: Female

The motive of the image under is to acquaint the readers with the attitudes of the repliers, which are blanketed within the following parameters: gender-particular: girl. We asked a complete of 2406 humans.

The greater precise image suggests that maximum responders preferred sure. The percent of guide for the answer within question is 50,12%. According to the outcomes of the study, the reply no accrued a share of 30,76 percents of folks who took apart in the study. consequences was the least supported function in our poll. He drew exactly 19,12 percents percentage of voters inside the study.

Statistics primarily based on Gender-Specific: Female