Who Was A Worse President?

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Our statistic on "Who turned into a worse president?" turned into performed within front of 5000 human beings living in Usa. We gathered records from our responders using the online research approach among August 16 2022 and August 30 2022. The statistic was pursued in levels of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 5.4% at 100% of the sample.
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August 31, 2022


Who was a worse president? - Survey

Results of the survey "Who was a worse president? - Survey"

George W. Bush
Donald Trump

Data on the basis of Gender Identity: Female

To acquire more effortlessly understandable facts, we split our people into complete breakdowns. A total of 2406 who glad the following criteria: gender identity: lady, had been questioned.

The primary choice of the respondents accrued 68,00% of the total range of votes. Accordingly, they indicated donald trump. You can see from the picture beneath that our responders picked up the response george w. Bush with at least 32,00 percents of the entire votes because the least probable.

Data on the basis of Gender Identity: Female

Determined insights by means of Race: Male

The first desire of the respondents accrued 68,84% of the overall wide variety of votes. Accordingly, they stated donald trump. The least number of repliers supported the following option: george w. Bush, respectively receiving 31,16 percents of the total score.

The reason of the picture underneath is to inform the readers with the attitudes of the interviewees, that are blanketed in the following parameters: race: male. We polled a complete of 2352 humans.

Determined insights by means of Race: Male