Which Unlawful Rogue Province Is Best? - Survey

48% of the respondents indicated "South Canada (USA)" as the most relevant answer.

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An ABCratio research of attitudes on the subject "Which illegal rogue province is high-quality?" turned into conducted within the period June 17 2022 - July 1 2022 thru a questionnaire, amongst 5000 people from Usa within a representative sample of the region that we've got researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 5.6% at 100% shares. We covered numerous questions inside the statistic to decide the attitudes of the target market. The statistic has been processed and revealed for total 14 days.
Total Responders
5000 people
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July 02, 2022
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Which unlawful rogue province is best? - Survey - Overall Stats

West Taiwan (China)
East Ukraine (Russia)
South Canada (USA)
South-West Catalonia (Spain)
Northern Biafra (Nigeria)

Statistics based totally on Gender-Specific: Female

West Taiwan (China)
East Ukraine (Russia)
South Canada (USA)
South-West Catalonia (Spain)
Northern Biafra (Nigeria)

To acquire more without difficulty understandable statistics, we partitioned our people into comprehensive breakdowns. A total of 2406 who satisfied the following certain conditions: gender-precise: female, had been puzzled.

The first preference of the people collected 47,96% of the total range of votes. Accordingly, they stated south canada (United States). west taiwan (china) attracted 24,77 percents of responders. According to percentages, the most accurate answer: south-west catalonia (spain), became chosen by means of most of the people of responders - 13,67 percents. The answer rate with east ukraine (russia) is 11,35 percents. You can see from the picture under that our interviewees chose the reply northern biafra (nigeria) with at the least 2,24 percents of the total votes as the least probably.


Decided records by means of Sex: Male

West Taiwan (China)
East Ukraine (Russia)
South Canada (USA)
South-West Catalonia (Spain)
Northern Biafra (Nigeria)

Grouped by way of the above criteria, south canada (America) (47,58%) gave the most votes. The response fee with west taiwan (china) is 23,81 percents. The answer price with south-west catalonia (spain) is 14,20 percents. The response price with east ukraine (russia) is 12,63 percents. You can see from the image under that our responders preferred the reply northern biafra (nigeria) with as a minimum 1,79 percents of the entire votes because the least probable.

Weapportioned our repliers, grouping them with the aid of intercourse: male. Weacquired 2352 surveys, through which we summarized the information proven inside the image underneath.

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