Which Stock Car Is Faster?

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Our poll on "Which stock vehicle is faster?" changed into conducted in front of 5000 people residing within Usa. We amassed facts from our responders the usage of the web research approach among August 29 2022 and September 12 2022. The statistic became pursued in two stages of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.8% at 100% of the pattern.
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September 13, 2022


Which stock car is faster? - Survey

Results of the survey "Which stock car is faster? - Survey"

Toyota Supra
Honda Civic

Information based on Sex: Female

71,49% of people inside the statistics isolated from the overall insights spoke back that the most in all likelihood response to the query which inventory vehicle is quicker - poll is toyota supra. The least variety of people supported the following choice: honda civic, respectively receiving 28,51 percents of the overall rating.

To gather extra easily comprehensible insights, we split our respondents into complete breakdowns. A total of 2406 who satisfied the following group requirements: intercourse: female, have been questioned.

Information based on Sex: Female

Stats relied Gender-Specific: Male

70,24% of interviewees inside the insights remoted from the overall data responded that the maximum likely response to the question which stock automobile is faster - research is toyota supra. With 29,76% of the votes, our responders who worried to the poll ranked the answer honda civic closing.

To be extra unique inside the statistical statistics, we broke down the stats in line with set group requirements. The picture below suggests the share of folks that fit the subsequent traits: gender-specific: male. A complete of 2352 humans were isolated inside the organization after the insights fragmentation.

Stats relied Gender-Specific: Male