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We performed a research on "which name????????????" within the duration August 19 2022 - September 2 2022 between 5000 humans living within Usa. The statistic turned into performed within weeks through a web research. The maximum statistical error is approximately same to ± 4.4% at 100% of the sample.
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September 03, 2022


which name???????????? - Survey

Results of the survey "which name???????????? - Survey"

Kaitlyn Cassidy Mae Lloyd
Alyssa-Rae Madison Lloyd
Talia-Mae Elizabeth Lloyd
Georgia Emily Rose Lloyd
Lillie Rebecca Valentine Lloyd
Bethany Sophia Rose Lloyd

Decided statistics by Race: Male

The cause of the picture beneath is to acquaint the readers with the attitudes of the voters, which might be included within the following parameters: race: male. We asked a total of 2352 humans.

The more precise picture depicts that maximum responders preferred georgia emily rose lloyd. The percentage of aid for the option in question is 24,53%. According to percentages, the maximum accurate answer: lillie rebecca valentine lloyd, turned into selected by way of most people of people - 17,30 percents. According to probabilities, the most correct response: talia-mae elizabeth lloyd, was chosen with the aid of most people of interviewees - 17,05 percents. The answer charge with alyssa-rae madison lloyd is 16,45 percents. kaitlyn cassidy mae lloyd attracted 15,82 percents of people. bethany sophia rose lloyd turned into the least supported feature in our poll. He drew exactly 8,84 percents share of responders within the research.

Decided statistics by Race: Male

Information related to Gender: Female

Our poll of attitudes became broken down into smaller pieces of statistics. In the following image you may see how 2406 people answered our question, meeting the subsequent group requirements: gender: girl.

The first desire of the voters amassed 23,86% of the entire quantity of votes. Accordingly, they indicated georgia emily rose lloyd. The response rate with lillie rebecca valentine lloyd is 18,29 percents. alyssa-rae madison lloyd attracted 16,92 percents of repliers. According to the outcomes of the survey, the answer talia-mae elizabeth lloyd accrued a percentage of 16,71 percents of people who participated within the study. kaitlyn cassidy mae lloyd attracted 15,42 percents of people. You can see from the image underneath that our interviewees selected the reply bethany sophia rose lloyd with as a minimum 8,81 percents of the total votes because the least likely.

Information related to Gender: Female