Which Is The Most Satisfying Feeling?

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An ABCratio poll of attitudes on the subject "Which is the maximum enjoyable feeling?" became conducted within the length April 29 2022 - May 13 2022 thru a questionnaire, amongst 5000 humans from Usa within a representative pattern of the place that we've researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 4.9% at 100% shares. We covered several questions inside the statistic to determine the attitudes of the target market. The statistic has been processed and discovered for overall 14 days.
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May 14, 2022


Which is the most satisfying feeling? - Survey

Results of the survey "Which is the most satisfying feeling? - Survey"

Cleaning your ears with a q-tip.
Cracking your back after a long car ride.
Having your hair played with/ head scratched.
Taking your shoes off after a long day of walking.

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