Where Do You Prefer To Buy Your Clothes?

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Our research on "Where do you decide on to shop for your garments?" changed into performed in front of 5000 human beings dwelling within Usa. We accumulated insights from our interviewees the use of the net survey approach among June 13 2022 and June 27 2022. The statistic become pursued in degrees of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.5% at 100% of the pattern.
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June 28, 2022


Where do you prefer to buy your clothes? - Survey

The least number of voters supported the following alternative: get my garments from my household (hand-me-over), respectively receiving 0 percents of the full score.

Results of the survey "Where do you prefer to buy your clothes? - Survey"

Thrift Shops/Outlet Stores
Online (Amazon, Ebay)
Boutiques (stand alone stores)
Department Stores/Big Box Stores (Macy's, Target)
Get my clothes from my relatives (Hand-me-over)
I make my own clothes

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