What's Your Favorite Store Out Of These?

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Our poll on "What's your favorite store out of those?" became conducted in front of 5000 human beings living within Usa. We accrued stats from our repliers the usage of the net poll technique among August 17 2022 and August 31 2022. The research became pursued in two stages of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.4% at 100% of the pattern.
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September 01, 2022


What's your favorite store out of these? - Survey

Results of the survey "What's your favorite store out of these? - Survey"

stater bros
thrift store(s)

Records relied Sex: Female

The extra particular photo shows that maximum interviewees chose goal. The percentage of help for the response within query is 35,16%. other(remarks) attracted 24,77 percents of repliers. According to possibilities, the most correct response: walmart, changed into chosen by way of the majority of interviewees - 20,70 percents. thrift keep(s) attracted 13,34 percents of responders. The answer charge with safeway is 4,82 percents. With 1,21% of the votes, our respondents who involved to the study ranked the option stater bros closing.

Our survey of attitudes changed into broken down into smaller portions of information. In the subsequent picture you may see how 2406 humans replied our question, meeting the following group requirements: sex: female.

Records relied Sex: Female

Determined data through Sex: Male

36,44% of voters inside the statistics remoted from the general data responded that the most in all likelihood answer to the question what is your favorite shop out of these - survey is goal. The answer charge with different(remarks) is 25,34 percents. The response fee with walmart is 20,32 percents. The answer price with thrift store(s) is 13,05 percents. According to possibilities, the most accurate response: safeway, was chosen by way of most people of interviewees - 3,91 percents. You can see from the graph underneath that our repliers chose the option stater bros with at the least 0,94 percents of the full votes as the least in all likelihood.

In our statistic, we made a extra detailed breakdown of folks that fall into the subsequent characteristics: sex: male. The stats beneath had been received from an online research of 2352 human beings.

Determined data through Sex: Male