What Was The Best Meme Of 2021?

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We performed a study on "What turned into the pleasant meme of 2021?" within the length June 5 2022 - June 19 2022 among 658 people dwelling within Usa. The study became performed through two weeks through an online research. The maximum statistical error is approximately same to ± 5.9% at 100% of the pattern.
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June 20, 2022


What was the best meme of 2021? - Survey

% ( people) of people in the statistics isolated from the general stats spoke back that the maximum probably response to the question What become the satisfactory meme of 2021? - Survey is amogus/while the imposter is sus. According to the effects of the poll, the answer suez canal boat accrued a proportion of percents of people who participated in the research. In step with percentages, the option: any meme which include dwayne "the rock" johnson, was selected with the aid of percents of the votes. vin diesel "family" attracted percents of voters. The answer charge with immortal snail is percents. The least range of voters supported the subsequent alternative: squid game, respectively receiving percents of the total score.

Results of the survey "What was the best meme of 2021? - Survey"

Amogus/When the imposter is sus
Suez Canal Boat
Any meme including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Vin Diesel "Family"
Immortal Snail
Squid Game

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