What Is Your Favourite Gta Sa Loquendo Character? (if You Don't Know Who Ara Those, Just Search Them On Google) - Survey

66.67% of the respondents indicated "Cj Junior" as the most relevant answer.

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We performed a statistic on "What is your favored Gta sa loquendo person? (in case you do not know who ara the ones, simply search them on Google)" in the period May 7 2022 - May 21 2022 between 5000 humans residing within Usa. The statistic was performed through weeks thru an online research. The most statistical error is approximately equal to ± 4.6% at 100% of the sample.
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5000 people
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May 22, 2022
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What is your favourite Gta sa loquendo character? (if you don't know who ara those, just search them on Google) - Survey - Overall Stats

Cj Junior
Tio Gilipollas

Decided statistics by using Gender-Specific: Male

Cj Junior
Tio Gilipollas

The greater precise picture suggests that most people picked up cj junior. The percentage of assist for the answer within query is 66,37%. According to the consequences of the study, the response tio gilipollas received a percentage of 17,52 percents of folks that have been involved inside the study. marulete become the least supported characteristic within our survey. He drew precisely 16,11 percents percentage of repliers within the poll.

Wesplit our interviewees, grouping them with the aid of gender-specific: male. Wereceived 2352 surveys, through which we summarized the insights proven in the picture beneath.

Cj Junior
Tio Gilipollas

In our poll, we made a greater designated breakdown of individuals who fall into the subsequent traits: gender identification: woman. The stats underneath were received from an online survey of 2406 humans.

Grouped by way of the above group requirements, cj junior (66,71%) gave the maximum votes. According to probabilities, the most correct response: marulete, become selected by the general public of voters - 17,41 percents. tio gilipollas was the least supported feature in our poll. He drew precisely 15,88 percents share of respondents within the statistic.

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