What Economic System Do You Best Prefer?

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We conducted a poll on "What economic device do you exceptional decide upon?" in the duration August 13 2022 - August 27 2022 between 5000 humans dwelling in Usa. The study was performed through two weeks through an internet research. The maximum statistical error is approximately identical to ± 5.1% at 100% of the pattern.
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August 28, 2022


What economic system do you best prefer? - Survey

Results of the survey "What economic system do you best prefer? - Survey"

Command Economy (Communism, Socialism. etc.)
Mixed Economics (Eg. Sweden, Canada, etc.)
Pure Capitalism (Ancapistan)

Data based totally on Gender-Specific: Female

75,89% of repliers within the statistics isolated from the overall insights answered that the most probable response to the question what monetary device do you great prefer - study is mixed economics (eg. Sweden, canada, and many others.). According to the results of the research, the answer natural capitalism (ancapistan) collected a proportion of 16,25 percents of people who have been involved within the study. You can see from the picture underneath that our voters selected the response command economy (communism, socialism. Etc.) with at the least 7,86 percents of the total votes as the least in all likelihood.

In our study, we made a more designated breakdown of individuals who fall into the following characteristics: gender-precise: lady. The stats below had been obtained from an internet survey of 2406 people.

Data based totally on Gender-Specific: Female

Facts related to Sex: Male

Maximum people (74,87%.) Chose to reply what monetary machine do you nice pick - research with combined economics (eg. Sweden, canada, and many others.). The answer fee with natural capitalism (ancapistan) is 16,28 percents. The least number of repliers supported the subsequent option: command financial system (communism, socialism. And so forth.), respectively receiving 8,84 percents of the whole rating.

Wegather our people into specific breakdowns to attain greater understandable statistics. Werequested a complete of 2352 those who met the following group requirements: intercourse: male.

Facts related to Sex: Male