What Do You Think It’s Better For The Country COMMUNISM Or CAPITALISM?

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Our research on "What do you think it’s better for the United States of America COMMUNISM or CAPITALISM?" changed into performed in the front of 5000 people residing within Usa. We amassed information from our voters the use of the online research technique between August 17 2022 and August 31 2022. The statistic changed into pursued within ranges of seven days. The maximum allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.9% at 100% of the pattern.
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September 01, 2022


What do you think it’s better for the country COMMUNISM or CAPITALISM? - Survey

Results of the survey "What do you think it’s better for the country COMMUNISM or CAPITALISM? - Survey"


Facts relied Gender-Specific: Male

To gather greater without difficulty understandable statistics, we divided our interviewees into comprehensive breakdowns. A total of 2352 who satisfied the following criteria: gender-precise: male, have been puzzled.

Gather by the above standards, capitalism (61,95%) gave the maximum votes. According to probabilities, the maximum accurate answer: communism, changed into selected by way of most people of responders - 20,92 percents. The least range of interviewees supported the following option: consequences, respectively receiving 17,13 percents of the full rating.

Facts relied Gender-Specific: Male

Records based totally on Sex: Female

The first preference of the repliers received 62,05% of the overall range of votes. Accordingly, they indicated capitalism. The answer price with communism is 21,07 percents. outcomes was the least supported characteristic in our study. He drew exactly 16,87 percents proportion of respondents inside the study.

Wegather our respondents into exact breakdowns to obtain greater comprehensible facts. Wepolled a complete of 2406 folks that met the following certain conditions: sex: girl.

Records based totally on Sex: Female