How Many Of Your Electronic Devices Have Had A Computer Virus Or Malicious Program? - Survey

48.84% of the respondents indicated "None" as the most relevant answer.

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Our statistic on "How a lot of your electronic devices have had a computer virus or worm?" changed into conducted in the front of 5000 humans living within Usa. We collected information from our people the usage of the net poll method between May 3 2022 and May 17 2022. The statistic became pursued within two stages of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.2% at 100% of the pattern.
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5000 people
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May 18, 2022
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How many of your electronic devices have had a computer virus or malicious program? - Survey - Overall Stats

4+ devices
3 devices
2 devices
1 device

Stats on the idea of Gender: Male

4+ devices
3 devices
2 devices
1 device

47,62% of people in the information remoted from the general data spoke back that the maximum probably response to the question how many of your electronic gadgets have had a computer virus or bug - study is none. According to the outcomes of the survey, the option 1 device amassed a proportion of 28,74 percents of folks that participated inside the study. According to percentages, the maximum correct response: 2 devices, became selected by using the majority of voters - 13,65 percents. 4+ gadgets attracted 6,25 percents of responders. 3 devices became the least supported feature in our study. He drew precisely 3,74 percents proportion of responders in the poll.

The motive of the image under is to familiarize the readers with the attitudes of the interviewees, which can be protected inside the following parameters: gender: male. We requested a total of 2352 people.


Statistics on the premise of Gender: Female

4+ devices
3 devices
2 devices
1 device

Most people (49,96%.) Chose to reply how a lot of your electronic devices have had a computer virus or worm - study with none. According to percentages, the maximum accurate response: 1 device, changed into chosen by most of the people of voters - 27,22 percents. According to possibilities, the maximum correct response: 2 gadgets, become chosen with the aid of most people of respondents - 14,21 percents. The response rate with 4+ gadgets is 5,32 percents. 3 devices was the least supported characteristic within our research. He drew precisely 3,28 percents percentage of repliers within the study.

To acquire greater without difficulty understandable records, we separated our respondents into comprehensive breakdowns. A complete of 2406 who happy the subsequent standards: gender: woman, had been puzzled.

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