How Long Is “brb” Usually? - Survey

42.55% of the respondents indicated "~5 minutes" as the most relevant answer.

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Our poll on "How lengthy is “brb” typically?" turned into performed within front of 5000 humans living in Usa. We accrued information from our voters the use of the net poll method between May 7 2022 and May 21 2022. The poll was pursued within two degrees of seven days. The most allowable statistical mistake is ± 5.8% at 100% of the sample.
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5000 people
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May 22, 2022
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How long is “brb” usually? - Survey - Overall Stats

1-2 minutes
~5 minutes
~10 minutes
~20 minutes
Half an hour or more

Information on the idea of Gender-Specific: Female

1-2 minutes
~5 minutes
~10 minutes
~20 minutes
Half an hour or more

Gather with the aid of the above standards, ~5 mins (43,27%) gave the most votes. According to the consequences of the study, the response ~10 mins accumulated a share of 23,19 percents of people who took apart within the research. 1-2 mins attracted 19,37 percents of responders. 1/2 an hour or greater attracted 8,65 percents of voters. You can see from the image underneath that our repliers selected the reply ~20 minutes with as a minimum 5,53 percents of the total votes as the least possibly.

Wegather our voters into distinct breakdowns to reap more comprehensible facts. Wepolled a complete of 2406 folks that matched the following criteria: gender-precise: female.


Information on the premise of Sex: Male

1-2 minutes
~5 minutes
~10 minutes
~20 minutes
Half an hour or more

To gather greater without problems understandable data, we split our interviewees into complete breakdowns. A complete of 2352 who happy the subsequent standards: sex: male, have been questioned.

So much people (42,26%.) Chose to answer how lengthy is “brb” generally - survey with ~5 mins. According to possibilities, the most accurate answer: ~10 mins, became selected via most people of voters - 22,83 percents. The response fee with 1-2 minutes is 17,90 percents. According to percentages, the maximum correct answer: half an hour or extra, turned into chosen by way of most of the people of people - 11,73 percents. With 5,27% of the votes, our respondents who worried to the poll ranked the answer ~20 minutes remaining.

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