For How Much Time Did You Know Reddit Exists Before Creating Your Account?

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An ABCratio study of attitudes on the subject "For how a great deal time did you already know Reddit exists before developing your account?" turned into performed inside the duration November 9 2022 - November 23 2022 thru a questionnaire, among 5000 people from Usa within a consultant sample of the vicinity that we've researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 4.4% at 100% shares. We included numerous questions within the study to determine the attitudes of the audience. The statistic has been processed and discovered for general 14 days.
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November 24, 2022


For how much time did you know Reddit exists before creating your account? - Survey

Results of the survey "For how much time did you know Reddit exists before creating your account? - Survey"

Less than a month
1-6 Months
6 Months - 1 Year
1 year - 2 years
More than 2 years
Results / I don't remember

Statistics relied Gender-Specific: Male

The extra specific graphic shows that most interviewees chose extra than 2 years. The percent of guide for the answer in query is 49,66%. The response price with 6 months - 1 yr is 11,95 percents. consequences / i do not bear in mind attracted 11,10 percents of repliers. The answer fee with less than a month is 11,05 percents. 1 yr - 2 years attracted 9,06 percents of responders. With 7,19% of the votes, our responders who concerned to the poll ranked the reply 1-6 months closing.

Our survey of attitudes changed into aparted down into smaller pieces of statistics. In the following picture you can see how 2352 humans responded our question, assembly the following standards: gender-particular: male.

Statistics relied Gender-Specific: Male

Determined data via Gender-Specific: Female

The first preference of the repliers accumulated 51,50% of the entire variety of votes. Accordingly, they indicated more than 2 years. The answer charge with outcomes / i do not consider is 13,26 percents. The response price with less than a month is 11,01 percents. According to the consequences of the study, the answer 6 months - 1 year collected a share of 10,39 percents of individuals who have been involved inside the statistic. The response price with 1 year - 2 years is 7,15 percents. You can see from the picture below that our repliers picked up the answer 1-6 months with at least 6,69 percents of the whole votes because the least probably.

The reason of the picture below is to familiarize the readers with the attitudes of the repliers, which might be covered in the following parameters: gender-unique: woman. We polled a total of 2406 humans.

Determined data via Gender-Specific: Female