Fellow Women, What Do You Usually Prefer To Use In Terms Of Feminine Products And Why?

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Our statistic on "Fellow ladies, what do you generally choose to use in terms of feminine products and why?" became performed in front of 325 people dwelling in Usa. We received facts from our voters the use of the net research approach between November 9 2022 and November 23 2022. The poll become pursued within tiers of seven days. The maximum allowable statistical mistake is ± 4.5% at 100% of the pattern.
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November 24, 2022


Fellow women, what do you usually prefer to use in terms of feminine products and why? - Survey

The primary choice of the respondents amassed % of the entire wide variety of votes. Accordingly, they noted tampons. pads attracted percents of responders. In keeping with percentages, the reply: mixture (tampons+pads or liners at the equal time), was selected by way of percents of the votes. The option fee with menstrual cup is percents. The least number of repliers supported the subsequent choice: different (comment what it's miles), respectively receiving percents of the whole score.

Results of the survey "Fellow women, what do you usually prefer to use in terms of feminine products and why? - Survey"

Combination (tampons+pads or liners at the same time)
Menstrual cup
Other (comment what it is)

Determined stats by using Gender-Specific: Male

Grouped by the above certain conditions, pads (37,07%) gave the most votes. The answer charge with different (remark what it is) is 25,04 percents. tampons attracted 18,88 percents of repliers. According to the outcomes of the study, the option mixture (tampons+pads or liners on the equal time) amassed a percentage of 11,52 percents of people who have been involved inside the research. With 7,48% of the votes, our repliers who involved to the statistic ranked the reply menstrual cup ultimate.

To gather greater easily comprehensible information, we segmented our voters into comprehensive breakdowns. A complete of 2352 who glad the following standards: gender-precise: male, have been wondered.

Determined stats by using Gender-Specific: Male

Data associated with Race: Female

Maximum respondents (37,70%.) Chose to answer fellow ladies, what do you normally prefer to use within phrases of female products and why - research with pads. According to the consequences of the poll, the reply other (comment what it is) accumulated a percentage of 25,77 percents of individuals who have been involved inside the research. According to the results of the research, the reply tampons accumulated a percentage of 16,58 percents of those who participated in the research. aggregate (tampons+pads or liners at the identical time) attracted 12,05 percents of responders. With 7,90% of the votes, our responders who involved to the study ranked the option menstrual cup remaining.

Our study of attitudes become aparted down into smaller chunks of records. In the following graph you may see how 2406 people answered our question, meeting the following standards: race: woman.

Data associated with Race: Female