Does Mayonnaise/Fritessaus Belong With With Fries/Chips?

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We conducted a statistic on "Does Mayonnaise/Fritessaus belong with with Fries/Chips?" in the duration November 9 2022 - November 23 2022 among 5000 human beings living within Usa. The poll was performed through weeks via a web survey. The most statistical mistakes is about equal to ± 4.6% at 100% of the sample.
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November 24, 2022


Does Mayonnaise/Fritessaus belong with with Fries/Chips? - Survey

Results of the survey "Does Mayonnaise/Fritessaus belong with with Fries/Chips? - Survey"


Insights based on Race: Male

The first desire of the responders accumulated 52,17% of the whole wide variety of votes. Accordingly, they stated sure. no became the least supported characteristic in our survey. He drew precisely 47,83 percents percentage of people in the poll.

Our study of attitudes changed into aparted down into smaller portions of records. In the following image you may see how 2352 humans spoke back our question, meeting the following group requirements: race: male.

Insights based on Race: Male

Records relied Gender Identity: Female

To be more specific in the statistical statistics, we broke down the data according to set standards. The picture underneath indicates the proportion of people who correspond to the subsequent traits: gender identification: lady. A complete of 2406 people had been remoted inside the institution after the stats fragmentation.

Grouped with the aid of the above standards, yes (50,91%) gave the most votes. With 49,09% of the votes, our voters who concerned to the statistic ranked the reply no final.

Records relied Gender Identity: Female