Do You Think Donald Trump Colluded With Russia?

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An ABCratio survey of attitudes on the topic "Do you observed Donald Trump colluded with Russia?" became conducted inside the period November 9 2022 - November 23 2022 thru a questionnaire, among 5000 human beings from Usa within a consultant sample of the area that we have researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 4.4% at 100% shares. We protected several questions inside the statistic to determine the attitudes of the target audience. The research has been processed and discovered for overall 14 days.
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November 24, 2022


Do you think Donald Trump colluded with Russia? - Survey

Results of the survey "Do you think Donald Trump colluded with Russia? - Survey"


Data based totally on Gender-Specific: Male

Our study of attitudes changed into aparted down into smaller chunks of data. In the subsequent picture you may see how 2352 human beings responded our query, assembly the following certain conditions: gender-specific: male.

The first desire of the responders received 42,13% of the full quantity of votes. Accordingly, they noted sure. According to chances, the most accurate response: no, was chosen by way of most of the people of repliers - 40,77 percents. With 17,09% of the votes, our respondents who worried to the research ranked the answer consequences ultimate.

Data based totally on Gender-Specific: Male

Determined data by means of Race: Female

The more particular photo shows that maximum voters chose yes. The percent of help for the response in question is 44,72%. The answer fee with no is 39,48 percents. With 15,79% of the votes, our people who concerned to the statistic ranked the response consequences last.

Our study of attitudes became broken down into smaller pieces of information. In the following image you could see how 2406 humans responded our query, meeting the subsequent standards: race: girl.

Determined data by means of Race: Female