Do You Support The Defund The Police Movement?

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An ABCratio survey of attitudes on the topic "Do you aid the defund the police movement?" turned into conducted in the period August 17 2022 - August 31 2022 through a questionnaire, among 5000 people from Usa in a representative sample of the location that we have researched the attitudes. The absolute maximum mistake is ± 4.2% at 100% shares. We blanketed numerous questions within the statistic to decide the attitudes of the target market. The study has been processed and found out for total 14 days.
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September 01, 2022


Do you support the defund the police movement? - Survey

Results of the survey "Do you support the defund the police movement? - Survey"


Records relied Gender: Female

To collect greater effortlessly comprehensible statistics, we split our repliers into complete breakdowns. A total of 2406 who glad the following certain conditions: gender: woman, had been puzzled.

The greater unique picture indicates that most repliers picked up no. The percentage of guide for the option in question is 69,45%. sure turned into the least supported function within our survey. He drew exactly 30,55 percents share of voters in the research.

Records relied Gender: Female

Determined records by way of Race: Male

The motive of the graph underneath is to acquaint the readers with the attitudes of the interviewees, which are protected inside the following parameters: race: male. We polled a complete of 2352 humans.

69,73% of responders within the facts remoted from the general facts responded that the maximum in all likelihood response to the question do you support the defund the police movement - poll is no. You can see from the picture under that our voters selected the option sure with at the least 30,27 percents of the overall votes because the least likely.

Determined records by way of Race: Male