Do You Have Any Crypto Currency?

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We conducted a poll on "Do you have got any crypto forex?" within the length August 14 2022 - August 28 2022 between 5000 human beings residing within Usa. The research was conducted within two weeks thru an online research. The maximum statistical errors is approximately same to ± 4% at 100% of the sample.
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August 29, 2022


Do you have any crypto currency? - Survey

Results of the survey "Do you have any crypto currency? - Survey"


Determined facts via Race: Male

Wegrouped our people into particular breakdowns to acquire more understandable facts. Wepolled a total of 2352 people who matched the subsequent group requirements: race: male.

82,74% of interviewees in the statistics remoted from the general statistics answered that the maximum probable response to the question do you have any crypto currency - study is no. sure attracted 13,99 percents of people. outcomes changed into the least supported characteristic within our poll. He drew exactly 3,27 percents share of voters in the statistic.

Determined facts via Race: Male

Information relied Gender Identity: Female

The first choice of the voters accrued 83,17% of the total variety of votes. Accordingly, they stated no. According to possibilities, the most correct answer: sure, became selected through the general public of people - 13,76 percents. The least quantity of respondents supported the following alternative: consequences, respectively receiving 3,08 percents of the entire score.

To gather more easily understandable stats, we segmented our responders into comprehensive breakdowns. A complete of 2406 who glad the subsequent criteria: gender identification: lady, have been puzzled.

Information relied Gender Identity: Female