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The marketing and advertising sectors have always been fueling one another. Market analyses show that the global advertising industry is on the rise and projected to grow by 5.9 percent in 2021. Couple that with the ever-growing value of the M&A deals made in the marketing services sector, which grew by 15 percent in 2019, and we can see a bright future for both industries.
Economy and politics are two topics that are strongly interconnected. The decisions made by political bodies have an influence on the economy of a nation, and how well the economy is doing is usually seen as a direct reflection of political policies and the success of the government in power. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is seen as an indicator as to how strong a nation is, employment figures indicate the health of an economy, and national elections can influence the growth of a country for years to come. The Economy and Politics industry covers all manner of topics, such as unemployment, GDP, government finances and employment, and policy.
The importance of a functioning health system has never been as clear as during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Disease control and healthcare are true pillars of every modern society. COVID-19 has highlighted the extent of neglect in health systems around the world. However, experts point out that by exposing the weaknesses, the pandemic will undoubtedly become a driver for innovation and improvement in the near future.
Daily online usage plays a significant role in the everyday lives of consumers worldwide. The internet has changed the way humans interact and reshaped traditional communications media such as film, television, music, and telephone.
Everyday life seems full of routines and well-known occurrences with little variety – however, a closer look reveals that it is one of the most exciting topics to research. This category covers several aspects of everyday life and lifestyle ranging from romantic, friendly and family relationships to personal opinions, attitudes, and preferences.
Video streaming is a large part of the film industry’s present and future. By and by, new platforms will be launching, and people can watch content on every device they want, even on mobile devices. This is a development that has been anticipated for a long time and which will be even more prominent as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to that, the cinema industry looks to an uncertain future due to closures and delays in movie releases and production, which leads to a lower box office estimate of 34.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 than originally expected.
Including market segments such as live music, digital music as well as podcasts and radio, the audio industry sector has undergone major developments over the last couple of years. The market for music downloads has consistently decreased over the last years reaching 2.7 U.S. dollars average revenue per user in 2020, compared to 27.5 dollars for music streaming and 15.9 dollars for digital music.
Some of the key influencers on the travel and tourism industry in recent years have been globalization, digitalization, sustainability, and the coronavirus pandemic. Ease of mobility, increased awareness of new destinations, and the internet as a source of information and commerce have caused the industry to grow exponentially. Yet with this growth has also come increasing public concern about the industry’s impact on the environment, resulting in consumer demand for more sustainable travel options.
Celebrities and show business are among the most popular lifestyle topics. A celebrity is someone with fame and broad public recognition through mass media or other outlets. This category provides the latest data and facts on film stars and musicians, famous entrepreneurs, and the paths that made them famous. Many of today's celebrities are worth millions, if not billions, and have become common household names.
Personality and behavior are very popular topics both in scientific and general discussions. Even if it is a subjective matter, studies can find out, for example, what are the most common fears or preferences among the population. For instance, global research reveals that we find poverty and social inequality, unemployment, crime and violence, corruption, healthcare, and education to be the topics we worry about most. The issue of fighting inequalities has been the subject of many surveys. Worldwide, people believe that more female presence in government and politics as well as equal access to education will help to end gender-related disparities.
Romantic love and sexuality considers a broad spectrum of the human experience. While this topic is somewhat universal, there are a multitude of ways in which people can experience and identify themselves sexually and romantically. Movements to recognize and respect this diversity have subsequently gained widespread support in modern times.