Can You Pick Up A Frog Without Being Disgusted/scared? - Survey

64.15% of the respondents indicated "Yes" as the most relevant answer.

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An ABCratio research of attitudes on the subject "Can you choose up a frog with out being disgusted/scared?" became conducted within the length June 17 2022 - July 1 2022 via a questionnaire, amongst 5000 humans from Usa within a representative pattern of the vicinity that we've got researched the attitudes. The absolute most mistake is ± 4.5% at 100% shares. We covered numerous questions within the research to determine the attitudes of the target audience. The study has been processed and discovered for total 14 days.
Total Responders
5000 people
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July 02, 2022
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Can you pick up a frog without being disgusted/scared? - Survey - Overall Stats


Stats relied Race: Male


63,48% of interviewees within the information isolated from the overall information spoke back that the most probable response to the question can you pick out up a frog without being disgusted/scared - poll is sure. You can see from the image below that our interviewees selected the reply no with at the least 36,52 percents of the total votes as the least in all likelihood.

To acquire more effortlessly comprehensible records, we separated our responders into complete breakdowns. A complete of 2352 who happy the subsequent certain conditions: race: male, have been wondered.


The primary desire of the voters received 64,46% of the entire variety of votes. Accordingly, they noted sure. With 35,54% of the votes, our responders who concerned to the poll ranked the option no last.

Our survey of attitudes became broken down into smaller portions of insights. In the following graph you could see how 2406 human beings spoke back our query, assembly the following standards: race: female.

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